$> whoami

hey, i'm marvin kruse, a passionate soft­ware de­vel­op­er. most of my time is spent de­vel­op­ing back­end and block­chain re­la­ted soft­ware on ethereum.

as an ethereum ad­vo­cate and an active member of the community, i'm either wri­ting smart con­tracts, im­ple­men­ting novel ideas or lear­ning new fas­ci­na­ting things through discussions with other members and pro­jects.

during my free time and through attending and co-hosting many hackathons in the past i've been part of a lot of different pro­jects revolving around token mechanics (with erc20/erc721), dapps, token curated registries and daos._

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$> touch contact

feel free to follow me on twitter or connect with me on linkedin. prefer code? head to my github. you're oldschool? alright, shoot me an email and i'll get back to you.