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Hey, I'm Marvin Kruse, a passionate soft­ware engineer and entrepreneur, mainly involved in decentralized systems, disruptive technology and open source. I've always been fascinated with the idea of trustless systems and the opportunities that they offer, so it's just natural that the concept of decentralized systems immediately caught my attention.

As a developer, not a day goes by without me playing around with new ideas or concepts. I love to translate ideas into code, where I always strive to test the boundaries and gather new insights in the process. Being an entrepreneur as well, I spend a lot of time finding and implementing new ways to create value and growth, which is not only challenging, but also a lot of fun  especially within a great team of motivated people.

As an Ethereum ad­vo­cate and an active member of the community, I'm either wri­ting smart con­tracts, im­ple­men­ting novel ideas or lear­ning new fas­ci­na­ting things through discussions with other members and pro­jects.

During my free time and through attending and co-hosting many hackathons in the past, I've been part of a lot of different pro­jects revolving around token mechanics (with ERC20/ERC721), dApps, token curated registries, DAOs and voting schemes.

$> ls features/

CEO and co-founder of ditCraft, a Software-Testing-as-a-Service platform enabling companies to deliver products with efficiency and confidence at lower cost
Former blockchain developer at weeve (blockchain and backend dev, scrum mas­ter)
Experienced in Go, Solidity, Py­thon, JS/Node.js, CI/CD and Docker
B.Sc. in Computer Science (Thesis on voting protocols on Ethereum)
Implemented DAOs, TCRs, commit-reveal voting, ERC20/ERC721 and own tokens
Martial artist, runner, music lover and cinephile
100% driven by passion

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Feel free to follow me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn. Prefer code? Head to my GitHub. You're oldschool? Alright, shoot me an Email and I'll get back to you.